As we embrace the power of the oldest and wisest part of you... your Wise Woman to create 'self-nurturing'.

Where you increase your abilities to understand 'your healing power' through the sacredness of your womb.  

Tenderly you're empowered to help heal generational abuses, so they're not inherited by your posterity.

Gently restoring and accepting your mystical sensuality, magical creativity and nurturing

 sexuality.  Arapata

MAY  2018


4 - 6  Awakening (Part 1)

25 -27 Awakening (Part 2)

JUNE  2018


20 - 25  Spiritual Formation

(Wisdom Council)

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

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"Ko te wahine te kaitiaki o te whare tangata."
"Women are the guardians of the house of humanity."
Maori Proverb

Sacred womb

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sacred women

Sacred Womb

sacred women

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